Firenze 10+10 call for action and road-map

More than 4 thousand participants, 300 networks and organisations from 28 countries from all over Europe and beyond, met at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, to debate and strategize together for another Europe.  Over 100 meetings, and many new networks and campaigns launched.  A call for common action emerged from the convergences, and a proposed roadmap:


Our Democracy instead of Their Austerity

Social organizations, social movements, trade unions and citizens working against austerity and debt, for natural and social commons, for social and labour rights, for democracy, global justice and peace, for gender issues and migrant rights have gathered in Florence 10+10.


Another road for Europe!

Another road for EuropeThe appeal “Another Road for Europe” made after a big meeting in december 2011 in Florence, has called networks and civil society organizations, unions and political forces to discuss the ways out from the European crisis at the Eu Parlimanet in Bruxelles, on the 28th of June 2012.  Next stop: Firenze 10+10...
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Towards an Alter Summit

Alter SummitThe political responses to the crisis that are dictated by the Commission, the ECOFIN Council and the ECB aggravate that crisis and threaten democracy. European personalities, networks and organizations call to come together to regain the democracy confiscated by the markets.  Next stop: Firenze 10+10...
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Madrid, November 1-4. Meeting of European and Mediterranean movements and networks to talk about Debt, democracy and Rights. To produce a space for mix, cooperation and organization. 

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A democratic rupture for Europe

We launch an appeal for the constitution of a vast coalition of social movements, associations, movements, political and trade union forces, but also individual citizens, recognizing itself in theconcrete demand of European democracy.

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European agenda

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Altersummit (Athens)

Athens, 7-8th of June

Launched at Firenze 10+10, the Alternative Summit is hosted by the Greek social movement, and will bring together civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, with the support of personalities from all over Europe.

Sign the call, read the program, the practical information and register for Athens or get mobilized !

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