Europe, the Mediterranean area and the World


This sphere of alliance Is based on some fundamental elements: the necessary openness and inclusiveness of Europe, the responsibility of the EU policies towards the people of the world, starting from the Mediterranean, a crossroads of cultures and identities, the struggle movements and civil society to overcome the crisis, saying “another Europe”.

Among the priorities there are peace and social justice, and the ‘indispensable support the struggle for democracy and human rights that have historically extraordinary moments in so-called “Arab revolutions” and the first in the struggle against the occupation (Palestinian territories, Western Sahara) and rights of entire peoples (Kurds in Turkey). The key words of this first dimension of the pillar are peace, democracy, human rights, social justice and freedom.

Report on Europe, Mediterranean, world convergence

We can’t exit the crisis unless we build a Mediterranean space of peace and justice. The “fortress Europe” paradigm is no longer tenable. European policy incoherences are part of the problem, and not a problem apart.

Throughout the years, European governments and EU Council have been firmly supporting dictatorships, illegal military occupations and human rights violations. European policies must be accounted among the main obstacles to democracy, human rights and social justice in the Mediterranean region and beyond.