Labour and social rights

Four points will guide us in preparing this “alliance sphere”:

To look at the consequences of the austerity policies imposed by national governments, ‘troika’ conditionalities and recommendations from the European Council: the growing poverty and inequality, the dismantling of labour rights such as the right to collective bargaining, cuts in health care and education, to name but a few.

Report on labour and social rights convergence

The many associations,unions and others who had been working on “Labour and Social Rights thematic area”, in Florence meeting were not able to take and finalize a join discussion on convergences.

However some issues were the topics in the discussion of the seminars and workshop that took place in Florence.

First of all everybody agree to support the mobilization day promoted by ETUC on 14 november against austerity policies in EU, to defend welfare, work and wages.

On the side of labour rights the followings are the issues and proposals mostly supported by unionists and other partecipants to the discussion:

  • defend collective bargaining and unions rights
  • fight against precarious work
  • facing the attempt to undermine labour laws and democracy inside the working place at european and national level
  • refuse the conflict between young and elderly people mobilizing for better wages and pension join to request for basic incom (about what kind of basic incom there are different proposals that have to be discuss)

On the side of social rights we are not able to do a synthesis, we address to the proposals sent to mailing list “labour social” and to the proposal presented by Klaus and Ulrike Sambor at Florence meeting on Unconditional basic income.