Report of the Milan Meeting

Over 150 members of movements, trade unions, networks and campaigns from all over Europe (here is the attendance sheet) participated in the Firenze 10+10 international preparatory meeting in Milan on September 14th-16th. Following an intense debate (see videos on and from the live streaming) we agreed on a general structure, a format and a methodology for Firenze 10+10.

Five pillars and interconnection

We have defined 5 focus areas (or ‘pillars’) on which to start convergent actions.
There will be also a sixth pillar: a transversal group opened to all that will try to facilitate the emerging of both a proposal for a general common action in the short term and a proposal for a joint common strategy in the long term (which will be presented at the end of Firenze 10+10).
The five pillars/working groups will organize themselves over the next few weeks by means of mailing lists and a dedicated section on the website.

The pillars or focus areas are:

1) Democracy in Europe
Democratic grassroots “constituent process” and development of a citizen pact and assembly; rebuilding European institutions beyond the current undemocratic treaties; migrants and the proposal of an European citizenship by residency; democratic floodwall against the right, neo-fascism and racism; rebuilding social solidarity.

2) Finance/debt/austerity
“Debt tribunal”, audit of the debt; campaigns against austerity measures and the fiscal compact; financial transaction tax etc.

3) Labor and other social rights
Labor and social rights in the time of neoliberal globalization and austerity; sustainable social development; social Pact; adequate income (wages and social protection) etc.

4) Natural and social common goods + public services
Land, food, water, energy, climate and post-Rio agenda etc; the defense of territories against the useless big infrastructures and projects imposed top-down;

5) Europe in the Mediterranean and the world
Peace and support to the fight for democracy and peoples’ rights; War/peace and social justice; cooperation and solidarity; fair trade; denuclearization of the Mediterranean; arms trade control; “Arab revolutions”; stop the occupations; exchanges between different cultures and identities (building a bridge towards the WSF Tunisia – and the “World Social Forum-Free Palestine” in Brazil).

The gender dimension is transversal to all the pillars.

Creating the program

Each focus area/pillar will have three facilitators chosen between the networks that will propose self-organized activities, plus a facilitator from the organizing committee possibly supported by a Babels linguistic facilitator ( Facilitators will aid discussion and decision-making within each group. They will also encourage the involvement of other social actors to join the process, and will stimulate a discussion on common strategies and on a common agenda.

Furthermore they will promote converging of activities, whenever possible.

Each working group is of course free to add themes or focus actions that are relevant to their field.

All activities and initiatives organized by movements, trade unions, networks and campaigns for Firenze 10+10 will be automatically assigned to one of the 5 focus areas/pillars and subscribed to the relevant mailing list.

Proposals for activities and common actions

All activities will need to be presented by at least 3 different organizations and networks, possibly from different countries, in order to encourage alliances and a common action and to avoid having a multitude of initiatives and workshops on non-related topics.
Proposals for common action will be gathered on the website and discussed on the mailing list of the sixth focus group.

During Firenze 10+10 we will have self-organized activities, converging moments, moments for street actions and numerous cultural events. Moreover, physical spaces will be available for each movement, to give visibility to their actions and campaigns etc

The days in Florence

The outline for the days is Florence is:

Thursday November 8th. AM: accreditation and opening session; lunch, laughs and networking. PM: self-organized activities. Late PM: converging of the 5 pillars/focus groups. EVE: cultural activities.
Friday 9th. AM: self organized activities; lunch, laughs and networking. PM: self-organized activities. Late PM: space for converging of the 5 pillars/focus groups. EVE: cultural activities.
Saturday 10th. AM and possibly PM: presentation of the work and proposal of actions of the different pillars/working groups (either presenting one theme at the time or in a common moment with innovative methodology). Late PM: Firenze 10+10 takes the streets (details to come). EVE: party in the streets.
Sunday 11th: final common gathering and end of works (details still to be defined). PM: possible Alter Summit meeting and pre WSF meeting.

During the meeting in Milan two proposals for common action were put forward. A pan-european event/demonstration (at the beginning of 2013) and for the longer-term the Alter Summit (a process that will start in November 2012 and have several stages including various mobilisations, such as the Eu summit in Bruxelles in March 2013 and a culminating point in late spring, probably in Athens). Over the next few weeks, we will continue to discuss these possibilities on mailing list number 6, alongside with the possibility of proposals to connect Firenze 10+10 with initiatives such as the WSF in Tunisia (March 2013).


The following deadlines for the preparatory process have been adopted:

1) September 20th: establishment of the 6 mailing lists / online groups

2) September 24th: registration for organizations and participants opens

3) October 20th: registration for activities and common actions closes

4) October 31st: the program will be finalized

Budget and partecipants’ contribution

Firenze 10+10 is a self-financed and self-organized event; for this reason the contribution of all participants (individuals and organizations) is needed to make it possible and to build a sense of ownership. There is a suggested contribution of 20 euros per person. Of course those who do not dispose of means will be able to contribute with less, while those able to contribute more are kindly asked to do so. Organizations, networks and groups are asked to contribute with at least 50 euros on top of their members contributions. From September 24th it will be possible to pay online via the website while you register. It is important to do so before the event.

If you are interested in proposing an activicty, the cost of the rooms will be outlined on the website. We will also share on the site details on budget and updates on fundraising.

Solidarity fund

We will help establish a direct contact between networks and organizations to ensure that those in need of a solidarity found to participate in Firenze 10+10 will be able to do so. The organizing committee will facilitate this connection, will proactively find ways to ensure participation from Eastern and Southern Europe and engage in fundraising.