Report on austerity convergence

To be further detailed and discussed, and worked out towards activities to take place in coming months.

1- Demands

The demands should constitute steps towards structural and systemic changes.


Debt in Europe must be audited and illegitimate debts cancelled (amend to: Don’t pay the debt or cancel the debt)



  • Break up the banks: banks should not be “too big to fail”
  • Separate deposits banks and investment bank activities (“Glass Steagall Act”)
  • Boycott the banks/ support credit unions or cooperatives (see for instance “Move your money” campaigns)
  • Socialize European pension funds


  • Stop the fiscal union and the ‘integrated economic policies’(proposals of Van Rompuy, Barroso, Draghi and Juncker)
  • The ECB should be able to finance states directly


  • Total reform of the taxation system – not just upholding the current law

2- Events

  • November 14th 2012: common day of strikes and actions in Europe
  • January 23-27th 2013: week of actions on “commons” and banks
  • March 8th 2013 (to be confirmed): International women’s day against austerity, against the debt
  • March 15th or 22nd: actions during Spring Summit
  • May 2013: Blockupy in Frankfurt
  • June 7-9th 2013 in Athens (to be confirmed): Alter Summit

3- Comment:

it should be clarified who precisely is supporting these demands; there seemed well to be rather general consensus during the session, and some organizations were clearly identified and supportive, but sometimes the demands reflected personal opinion. For this reason, best would probably be to consider this report as an input for future discussions and actions.


(Version Nov. 18th 2012)